Abies cephalonica at Parc Cefn Onn

Abies cephalonica 0

Abies cephalonica
mid July 2015

Grid reference ST 17761 84460
Common name Grecian fir
Common name Greek fir
Origin South Greece Mountains
Deciduous No
Status Rather rare
Status Glamorgan Champion 2013
Girth 290cm July 2015
Reference 241
Tree died January 2019

This tree is in the upper park, just north of the summer house. Its foliage is sparse and at high level.

Abies cephalonica bark

Abies cephalonica bark
July 2015

General tree description

Abies cephalonica is a large tree, typically growing to 25 to 35 metres tall, exceptionally 40 metres. It has a broad, spiky crown and dull grey bark, often deeply cracked. The leaves are needle-like, 2 to 3cm long, glossy dark green above, with two blue-white bands beneath. This tree tends to come into leaf early in spring, and so is vulnerable to frost damage, contributing to its untidy shape with spreading forked branches. The cones are 12 to 16cm long and 4cm broad. When mature they disintegrate to release winged seeds.