Alnus rhombifolia at Bute Park

Alnus rhombifolia 0

Alnus rhombifolia
late December 2015

Alnus rhombifolia 1

Alnus rhombifolia
mid July 2016

Grid reference ST 17618 77066
Common name White alder
Common name Californian alder
Origin West North America
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2013
Missing tag 2466
Old tag 485
Planted 1992/93
Height 14M January 2016
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 389
Fell November 2020

This tree is on the south side of the Alder group.

Alnus rhombifolia bark

Alnus rhombifolia bark
December 2015

Alnus rhombifolia leaf

Alnus rhombifolia leaves
mid July 2016

Alnus rhombifolia stump

Alnus rhombifolia stump
mid November 2020

General tree description

Alnus rhombifolia is a medium to large tree with a spreading form, growing to 15 to 25 metres. Its bark is pale grey, smooth on young trees, becoming scaly when mature. The leaves are diamond-shaped (rhombic), 4 to 10cm long, with finely serrated edges. There are male and female flowers, in the form of catkins. The pendulous, yellow male catkins appear in early spring, before the leaves. Female catkins mature in autumn and are ovoid, superficially resembling a small conifer cone. Winged seeds disperse during winter, and the old blackish cones remain on the tree for up to a year.