Ptelea trifoliata at Roath Park Botanic Garden

Ptelea trifoliata 0

Ptelea trifoliata
late April 2015

Ptelea trifoliata 1

Ptelea trifoliata
early June 2015

Grid reference ST 18525 79092
Common name Hop tree
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 5M April 2015
Girth 59cm April 2015
Reference 195
Tree felled February 2016

This tree is roughly mid way along the east border of the Rose Garden. It is seen here leaning over the path with the Liquidambar formosana in the background.

Ptelea trifoliata bark

Ptelea trifoliata bark

Ptelea trifoliata leaf

Ptelea trifoliata leaf
late May 2015

Ptelea trifoliata foliage

Ptelea trifoliata foliage
early July 2015

Ptelea trifoliata foliage1

Ptelea trifoliata foliage
mid July 2015

Ptelea trifoliata foliage2

Ptelea trifoliata autumn foliage
late October 2015

General tree description

Ptelea trifoliata is a small tree, typically 6 to 8 metres tall with a spreading crown. Its bark is reddish or grey brown and has a scaly texture. The leaves are shiny dark green above and paler below, palmate in shape and 5 to 18 cm long. Clusters of small (1–2 cm across) flowers open in early summer, yellowish in colour and strongly scented. These are followed by dense green clusters of winged elm-like fruits.