Stuartia pseudocamellia at Insole Court

Stuartia pseudocamellia 0

Stuartia pseudocamellia
early November 2017

Stuartia pseudocamellia 1

Stuartia pseudocamellia
mid July 2018

Grid reference ST 15010 77635
Common name Deciduous camellia
Alternative name Stewartia pseudocamellia
Origin Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Height 6.5M November 2017
Girth 48cm October 2017
Reference 539

This tree is at the west end of the Rock Garden, between the end of the water feature and the path.

Stuartia pseudocamellia bark

Stuartia pseudocamellia bark
early November 2017

Stuartia pseudocamellia leaf

Stuartia pseudocamellia autumn leaves
early November 2017

Stuartia pseudocamellia leaf2

Stuartia pseudocamellia leaves
mid July 2018

Stuartia pseudocamellia bud

Stuartia pseudocamellia leaves & terminal buds
mid July 2018

Stuartia pseudocamellia flower1

Stuartia pseudocamellia flowers & buds
late June 2019

Stuartia pseudocamellia flower2

Stuartia pseudocamellia flower
late June 2019

General tree description

Stuartia (or Stewartia) pseudocamellia is a small to medium-sized tree, up to around 15 metres tall, characterised by flaking orange-cream bark. It has ovate leaves which turn yellow and red in autumn, and large (6cm wide), white, camellia-like flowers in mid-summer.

"The genus was named in honour of John Stuart, Earl of Bute (1713-92), a gifted amateur botanist... Linnaeus was misled into spelling the generic name "Stewartia". This unintentional mis-spelling was amended to Stuartia by L'Heritier in 1785, and the generic name was almost universally so spelt throughout the 19th century." (W.J. Bean Trees & shrubs hardy in the British Isles, 8th edition revised, Volume IV, page 507)