Sophora tetraptera at Insole Court

Sophora tetraptera 0

Sophora tetraptera
late April 2017

Sophora tetraptera 1

Sophora tetraptera
mid November 2018

Grid reference ST 15070 77727
Common name Kowhai
Origin New Zealand
Deciduous No
Status Wales Champion 2017
Height 8M April 2017
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 510

This tree is just beyond the east side of the terrace.

Sophora tetraptera flower

Sophora tetraptera flowers
late April 2017

Sophora tetraptera flower2

Sophora tetraptera flowers
mid April 2019

Sophora tetraptera leaf

Sophora tetraptera leaves
early August 2017

Sophora tetraptera seed

Sophora tetraptera seeds
early August 2017

General tree description

Sophora tetraptera is a small tree, up to 12 metres tall, with an open, spreading shape and often multi-stemmed. It has smooth, blackish bark. The leaves are pinnate, up to 15cm long, with ten to twenty tiny, ovate leaflets, each 12 to 35 mm long. They are dark green and downy on both sides. The flowers are golden yellow, tubular, opening in drooping clusters in May. The fruits are four-winged seed pods up to 20 cm long.