Magnolia denudata at Insole Court

Magnolia denudata 0

Magnolia denudata
early March 2019

Magnolia denudata 1

Magnolia denudata
early June 2019

Grid reference ST 14992 77687
Common name Yulan
Common name Lily tree
Origin China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Height 13M March 2019
Reference 579

This tree is at the west end of the Cedar lawn, beside the summerhouse.

Magnolia denudata bark

Magnolia denudata bark
early March 2019

Magnolia denudata buds

Magnolia denudata buds
early March 2019

Magnolia denudata flower1

Magnolia denudata buds & flowers
early March 2019

Magnolia denudata flower2

Magnolia denudata flower
early March 2019

Magnolia denudata fruit

Magnolia denudata fruit
early June 2019

Magnolia denudata leaf

Magnolia denudata leaves & fruit
mid June 2019

General tree description

Magnolia denudata is a small, wide-spreading tree, up to around 12 metres tall, with smooth, grey bark. Pure white, lemon-scented flowers open in March, initially erect and vase shaped, then spreading. The petals are approximately nine in number and 7.5cm long. The leaves emerge pale yellow and mature to bright green, with downy undersides. They are up to 15cm long, oval to obovate, and broadest just below the tip. Cone-like fruits mature to red in late summer, releasing individual red coated seeds.