Cryptomeria japonica at Insole Court

Cryptomeria japonica 0

Cryptomeria japonica
early February 2019

Grid reference ST 15112 77675
Common name Japanese red cedar
Origin Japan
Deciduous No
Height 17M February 2019
Girth 202cm February 2019
Reference 576

This tree is on the east boundary of the Iris Garden.

Cryptomeria japonica bark

Cryptomeria japonica bark
early February 2019

Cryptomeria japonica foliage1

Cryptomeria japonica foliage
early February 2019

Cryptomeria japonica cone1

Cryptomeria japonica old cones
early June 2019

Cryptomeria japonica foliage2

Cryptomeria japonica new cones
mid August 2019

Cryptomeria japonica cone2

Cryptomeria japonica leaves & new cones
mid August 2019

Cryptomeria japonica foliage3

Cryptomeria japonica leaves
mid August 2019

General tree description

Cryptomeria japonica is a large tree, up to 40 metres tall, with a broad, conic shape and spreading branches. It has reddish-brown shredding bark. The leaves (needles) are pointed, slightly curved, growing densely on long slender branchlets. They are 10 to 15mm long, green or blue-green, with grey-green bands on the inner surface. The cones are spherical, 2cm in diameter, and appear at the shoot ends.