Cedrus libani at Insole Court

Cedrus libani 0

Cedrus libani (note the person standing under the tree)
late April 2017

Grid reference ST 15035 77670
Common name Cedar of Lebanon
Origin Asia Minor and Syria
Deciduous No
Status Glamorgan Champion 2005
Height 20M May 2015
Height 21M May 2017
Girth 637cm @ 1M April 2017
Reference 184

South of the house between two terraced lawns.

Calculation of this tree's age based on its girth and the fact that it is growing in a good location yields an age well in excess of the age of the property. It is probably safe to say that the tree was planted around the same time as the first section of the Insole Court Gardens was laid out in the early 1860s.

Cedrus libani bark

Cedrus libani bark
mid May 2017

Cedrus libani leaf

Cedrus libani leaves & ol cone
late April 2017

General tree description

Cedrus libani can grow up to 35 to 40 metres tall. It has a conic crown when young, and develops a flattened top with age. The bark is dark greyish-brown and becomes deeply cracked and fissured with age. The branches are relatively level, giving the tree a tiered appearance, and there are both long and short shoots. The leaves are needle-like, spaced out on the long shoots, and in clusters of 15 to 45 on the short shoots; they are up to 30mm in length, and vary from green to glaucous blue-green. The seed cones are 8 to 12cm long and barrel-shaped, green at first, becoming purplish-grey in their second year. After three years the scales start to bulge and the cones break up.