Quercus cerris at Heath Park

Quercus cerris 0

Quercus cerris
early August 2015

Grid reference ST 17739 80032
Common name Turkey oak
Origin South Europe and Asia Minor
Deciduous Yes
Height 22M August 2015
Girth 177cm August 2015
Reference 264

This tree is just beyond the car park at the end of Heathwood Lane.

Quercus cerris bark

Quercus cerris bark
August 2015

Quercus cerris leaf

Quercus cerris leaves
early August 2015

Quercus cerris fruit

Quercus cerris fruits
early August 2015

General tree description

Quercus cerris is a large, fast growing tree, up to 40 metres tall. It has mauve-grey bark, roughly cracked into small squarish plates. Its leaves are 7 to 14cm long and 3 to 5cm wide, deep shiny green above, grey and slightly downy beneath. They are oval or oblong and slender, but variable in that the lobes may be deep or shallow. In spring there are non-showy, yellowish-green flowers, male catkins 5 to 10cm long and female flowers in small clusters. The acorns are 3 to 4cm long, in hairy cups.