Pinus radiata at Heath Park

Pinus radiata 0

Pinus radiata
March 2015

Grid reference ST 17689 79849
Common name Monterey pine
Origin California
Deciduous No
Height 24M March 2015
Girth 453cm @ 1.5M
Reference 164

This tree is east of the pond on what in the days of Heath House was a lawned area.

The needles on this tree are in groups of three and are typically between 10 and 14cm long. When open, cones measure 10cm long by 7cm diameter.

Pinus radiata bark

Pinus radiata bark
March 2015

Pinus radiata cone

Pinus radiata old cone on the ground
May 2016

Pinus radiata foliage

Pinus radiata foliage
late July 2016

Pinus radiata foliage1

Pinus radiata foliage showing 3 needles
late July 2016

General tree description

Pinus radiata is a large tree, up to 45 metres tall, with a dense and sometimes very broad head. Its bark is dark brown or purple-black with age and ruggedly fissured. The leaves are needles in bundles of three, bright green, up to to 15cm long, very slender and drooping. The cones are woody, up to 15cm long and almost as wide.