Parrotia persica at Heath Park

Parrotia persica 0

Parrotia persica
mid August 2015

Parrotia persica 1

Parrotia persica
early October 2015

Parrotia persica 2

Parrotia persica
early February 2016

Grid reference ST 17880 79601
Common name Persian ironwood
Origin Northern Iran, Caucaus
Deciduous Yes
Status Glamorgan Champion 2015
Height 13M August 2015
Girth 128cm @ 0.75M 2015
Reference 280

This tree is opposite the WW2 huts which are beside the approach road leading to the main car park.

Parrotia persica bark

Parrotia persica bark
August 2015

Parrotia persica leaf

Parrotia persica leaves
mid August 2015

Parrotia persica fruit

Parrotia persica fruit
early September 2015

Parrotia persica leaf2

Parrotia persica autumn leaves
early October 2015

Parrotia persica bud

Parrotia persica buds
mid December 2016

Parrotia persica flower

Parrotia persica flower
mid January 2017

Parrotia persica flower2

Parrotia persica flower
early February 2016

Parrotia persica fruit2

Parrotia persica spent flowers and developing fruit
early February 2016

General tree description

Parrotia persica is a small, wide spreading tree growing to around 15 metres tall. It has flaking bark with cream, grey or orange plates, particularly striking in winter. The leaves are oval to obovate and roughly toothed, up to 12cm long and 6cm wide. In summer they are glossy green, turning crimson and gold in autumn. Flowering is in mid to late winter or early spring. The flowers are clusters of crimson stamens, small with no petals. The fruits are 8mm shiny nuts in tough brown husks.