Nothofagus obliqua at Heath Park

Nothofagus obliqua 0

Nothofagus obliqua - group of two trees
early August 2015

Nothofagus obliqua 1

Nothofagus obliqua
early August 2015

Grid reference ST 17375 79986
Common name Roble beech
Origin South Andes
Deciduous Yes
Height 16M August 2015
Girth 196cm August 2015
Reference 266

This is one of a group of two Nothofagus obliqua on the western boundary of the park beside King George V Drive West.

Nothofagus obliqua bark

Nothofagus obliqua bark
August 2015

Nothofagus obliqua leaf

Nothofagus obliqua leaves
early August 2015

Nothofagus obliqua foliage

Nothofagus obliqua leaves and fruits
early August 2015

Nothofagus obliqua fruit

Nothofagus obliqua fruits
mid July 2019

General tree description

Nothofagus obliqua ia a tall, narrow tree that can reach a height of 30 metres. Its bark is grey-brown, with a rough plate texture. The leaves are dark matt green, broadly ovate or oblong, 5 to 8cm long, with 6 to 11 pairs of sunken veins and serrated margins. They turn crimson and yellow in autumn. There are separate male and female flowers, both small and inconspicuous, surrounded by green coloured bracts.