Betula nigra at Heath Park

Betula nigra 0

Betula nigra group of three trees
late August 2015

Grid reference ST 17843 79617
Common name River birch
Common name Red birch
Origin Central and Eastern USA
Deciduous Yes
Height 11.5M August 2015
Girth 90cm August 2015
Reference 279

The most westerly of a group of three Betula nigra trees on the approach road to the main car park.

Betula nigra bark

Betula nigra bark
August 2015

Betula nigra bark2

Betula nigra bark
August 2015

Betula nigra leaf

Betula nigra leaf
early September 2015

General tree description

Betula nigra is a small, broad tree growing to around 16 metres in Britain. Its bark is cream or pinkish-orange at first, becoming shaggy and dark brown or amost black in age. The leaves are diamond shaped, 4 to 8cm long, with serrated edges, dull green above and glaucous underneath. The flowers are catkins 3 to 6cm long, the male catkins drooping, the female catkins erect. The fruit matures in late spring, releasing numerous tiny winged seeds.