Rehderodendron macrocarpum at Parc Cefn Onn

Rehderodendron macrocarpum 0

Rehderodendron macrocarpum
early June 2015

Grid reference ST 17860 84063
Common name  
Origin South west China
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2015
Height 10.5M June 2015
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 214

This tree is at the top of lower park, east of the footbridge.

Rehderodendron macrocarpum bark

Rehderodendron macrocarpum bark
June 2015

Rehderodendron macrocarpum foliage

Rehderodendron macrocarpum foliage
early June 2015

Rehderodendron macrocarpum fruit

Rehderodendron macrocarpum fruit
mid August 2016

General tree description

Rehderodendron macrocarpum is a small tree growing to 7 to 10 metres tall. It has dark grey bark and its leaves are glossy green above and grey-green below. They are 7.5 to 10cm long, elliptic or oblong-ovate, with finely toothed margins. The leaves emerge in May, along with cup-shaped white flowers in hanging clusters. The fruit is oblong, 5 to 7 cm long, green at first, becoming red, finally brown and woody, and containing up to three cylindrical seeds, 2 to 5 cm long.