Pseudotsuga macrocarpa at Parc Cefn Onn

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa 0

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa
early July 2015

Grid reference ST 17742 84026
Common name Big-cone Douglas fir
Origin South California
Deciduous No
Status Wales Champion 2013
Height 22M July 2015
Girth 215cm May 2015
Reference 528

This tree is in the west part of the lower park, not far from the pool.

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa bark

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa bark
July 2015

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa foliage

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa foliage
early July 2015

General tree description

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa is a medium to large tree, up to around 24 metres tall, with a broadly conical shape and thick, corky bark. Its leaves (needles) are blue or grey-green and arranged in two ranks along the branchlets. They are usually between 3 and 5cm long, curving inwards and pointed. The (large) cones are up to 18cm long but are rarely produced in Britain.