Pinus jeffreyi at Parc Cefn Onn

Pinus jeffreyi 0

Pinus jeffreyi
early June 2015

Grid reference ST 17725 84013
Common name Jeffrey pine
Origin SW USA and Mexico
Deciduous No
Status Glamorgan Champion 2013
Height 26M June 2015
Girth 207cm May 2015
Reference 011

This tree is in the lower park, just below the pool.

Pinus jeffreyi bark

Pinus jeffreyi bark
June 2015

General tree description

Pinus jeffreyi is a large tree, spire-shaped and with sparse foliage. It has black or purple-grey bark. The leaves are needles in bundles of three, dull bluish green or pale grey, stiff, slightly twisted and up to 22cm long. The cones are large and woody, conical-ovoid and 15 to 30cm long.