Magnolia salicifolia at Parc Cefn Onn

Magnolia salicifolia 0

Magnolia salicifolia
early June 2015

Magnolia salicifolia 1

Magnolia salicifolia
early April 2016

Grid reference ST 17763 83974
Common name Willow-leaved magnolia
Origin Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status Glamorgan Champion 2015
Height 14M June 2015
Girth 138cm @0.2M June 2015
Reference 228

This tree is in the lower park. It is about a quarter of the way around the looping western path in a clockwise direction, on the right of the path, 40M south east of the pool. All flowers appeared high on the tree.

Magnolia salicifolia bark

Magnolia salicifolia bark
June 2015

Magnolia salicifolia leaf

Magnolia salicifolia leaf
mid July 2015

Magnolia salicifolia flower

Magnolia salicifolia flowers
mid April 2016

General tree description

Magnolia salicifolia is a medium-sized tree, up to 17 metres tall with a broadly conical shape. Its bark is buff coloured and corky. The leaves are relatively small for a Magnolia, 8 to 14cm long, narrow and willow-like. In early spring there are small (8cm), fragrant, white flowers. The bark, wood and leaves are all lemon-scented when bruised

This tree is not common in Britain and is described in the Tree Register Handbook (2011) as "occasional", meaning "individuals in many large gardens or towns but more generally absent".