†Diselma archeri at Parc Cefn Onn

Diselma archeri 0

Diselma archeri
late September 2016

Grid reference ST 17768 84411
Common name Dwarf pine
Common name Cheshunt pine
Origin Tasmania
Deciduous No
Height 2M October 2016
Girth 37cm @ 0.8M October 2016
Reference 477

†This is a preliminary identification - this could be Lagarostrobus franklinii.

This tree is in the upper park, west and uphill from the pool

Diselma archeri foliage

Diselma archeri foliage
late January 2017

Diselma archeri foliage2

Diselma archeri foliage
late January 2017

General tree description

Diselma archeri is a small, bushy tree, with an irregular crown, reaching up to 6 metres tall in its native habitat but in cultivation more commonly around 2 metres. Its bark is scaly, reddish-brown when fresh, darkening to greyish-brown. The leaves are scale-like and tiny, reddish when young, but soon turning deep green. The cones are also small (2 to 6mm), with male and female cones borne on separate plants. Each female cone produces up to two small winged seeds.