Cornus 'Norman Hadden' at Parc Cefn Onn

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' 0

Cornus 'Norman Hadden'
late June 2015

Grid reference ST 17770 84410
Common name Dogwood 'Norman Hadden'
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Height Approx 5M June 2015
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 230

This tree is in the upper park, on the left side of the west path, approximately 30M uphill from the pond.

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' bark

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' bark
June 2015

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' flower

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' flower
late June 2015

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' leaf

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' leaf
late June 2015

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' leaf2

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' leaf
late June 2015

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' fruit

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' fruit
early October 2015

General tree description

Cornus 'Norman Hadden' is a hybrid of Cornus capitata and Cornus kousa. It is a small spreading tree that grows up to about 8 metres tall. Its leaves are elliptic, 8cm long, mid green, turning reddish in autumn. The flowers are initially creamy-white and turn deep pink in July. In autumn there are large hanging strawberry-like fruits.