Acer laxiflorum at Parc Cefn Onn

Acer laxiflorum 0

Acer laxiflorum
early June 2015

Acer laxiflorum 1

Acer laxiflorum
early October 2015

Acer laxiflorum 2

Acer laxiflorum
early November 2015

Grid reference ST 17807 83899
Common name Loose-flowered maple
Common name Snake-bark maple
Alternative name Acer pectinatum subsp. laxiflorum
Origin West China
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2013
Height 15M approx. June 2015
Girth 116cm at 1M May 2015
Reference 217

This tree has a forked trunk and is in the southern part of the lower park, just west of the main path.

Acer laxiflorum bark

Acer laxiflorum bark
June 2015

Acer laxiflorum leaf

Acer laxiflorum leaf
mid May 2015

Acer laxiflorum flower

Acer laxiflorum flower
early June 2015

Acer laxiflorum leaf2

Acer laxiflorum autumn leaves
early November 2015

General tree description

Acer laxiflorum grows up to 15 to 20 metres tall. It has smooth bark with conspicuous white and green streaks. The leaves are ovate, 7 to 14cm in length, with three shallow, pointed lobes and serrated edges. They are dark green, becoming orange in autumn. The flowers are greenish-yellow and inconspicuous. The fruit is a reddish samara (winged fruit) with two seeds.