Tilia 'Harold Hillier' at Cathays Cemetery

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' 0

Tilia 'Harold Hillier'
mid July 2020

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' 1

Tilia 'Harold Hillier'
midMat 2021

Grid reference ST 18243 78595
Common name Harold Hillier hybrid lime
Alternative name Tilia x hillieri
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2020
Map section M
Planted November 1994
by Gladstone Primary School for National Tree Week[1]
Height 14.5M July 2020
Girth 102cm July 2020
Reference 595

This tree is just inside the Fairoak Road entrance to the cemetery, near the Nonconformist chapel.

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' bark1

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' bark
early July 2020

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' bark2

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' bark
early July 2020

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' leaf

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' leaf
mid July 2020

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' flower1

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' flowers
early July 2020

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' seed

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' young seed capsules
mid July 2020

General tree description

Tilia 'Harold Hillier' is a hybrid produced from T. japonica 'Ernest Wilson' and T. mongolica. It is a medium-sized tree with a narrowly conical shape. The leaves are maple-like and three-lobed, dark green above, grey-green and glabrous beneath. They are toothed and variable in size, up to 15cm long though usually less. The autumn colour is a striking butter-yellow. White flowers are produced in June and July.

In the Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs (9th edition, 2019, page 463) it is stated that this tree was "raised in 1973 by Nigel Muir who kindly suggested that Hillier Nurseries should name it after Sir Harold Hillier." Up to July 2020, it has not been in production.

Sources of Information

  1. Cathays Cemetery Heritage Trail