Thuja plicata  #1 at Cathays Cemetery

Thuja plicata 0

Thuja plicata
late January 2021

Grid reference ST 18111 78762
Common name Western red cedar
Origin West North America
Deciduous No
Map section P
Height 25M January 2021
Girth 329cm @ 1M January 2021
Reference 626

This tree is in the north west part of map section P, beside the curving path. Close to the tree there a slight fragrance vaguely resembling Philadelphus. The fragrance is far more evident when some leaves are crushed.

Thuja plicata bark

Thuja plicata bark
late January 2021

Thuja plicata foliage1

Thuja plicata foliage
late January 2021

Thuja plicata leafu1

Thuja plicata underside of leaves
mid January 2021

Thuja plicata cone1

Thuja plicata cones
late January 2021

General tree description

Thuja plicata is a large or very large tree, up to 45 metres tall in Britain. It has a neat spire shape with a broad base of spreading branches. The bark is dark red-brown and has a shredding texture. The foliage is aromatic, giving a strong, sweet, fruity scent especially when crushed. It comprises flat 2D, drooping sprays of scale-like leaves, bright glossy green above, with green-white undersides. Tiny, pale yellow, inconspicuous male flowers emerge on the ends of the smallest shoots and in March they shed very fine pollen. Female flowers are reddish-purple and are followed by the cones. These are egg-shaped and approximately 15mm long. They are green to yellow-green, ripening to brown.