Sorbus scalaris #2 at Cathays Cemetery

Sorbus scalaris 0

Sorbus scalaris
early July 2021

Sorbus scalaris 1

Sorbus scalaris with fruit
mid October 2021

Sorbus scalaris 2

Sorbus scalaris with fruit
mid November 2021

Grid reference ST 18065 78348
Common name Ladder-leaf rowan
Origin West China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Glamorgan Champion 2021
Map section Y
Height 5M July 2021
Girth 85cm@0.3M July 2021
Reference 727

This tree is at the south end, approximately opposite Robert Street, the more southerly of two Sorbus scalaris trees. This tree had significantly less fruit than the other nearby tree.

Sorbus scalaris bark

Sorbus scalaris bark
early July 2021

Sorbus scalaris leaf1

Sorbus scalaris leaves & fruit
early July 2021

Sorbus scalaris fruit1

Sorbus scalaris fruit
early July 2021

Sorbus scalaris fruit2

Sorbus scalaris fruit
early July 2021

Sorbus scalaris leaf2

Sorbus scalaris underside of leaflets
early August 2021

Sorbus scalaris fruit3

Sorbus scalaris fruit
mid October 2021

General tree description

Sorbus scalaris is a small tree with wide spreading branches and an open shape. It has small, pinnate leaves up to 20cm long, with 21 to 33 close, narrow leaflets, toothed near their pointed tips. They emerge red-brown and become dark glossy green above, grey-white downy beneath, turning gold, red and purple in autumn. The fruits are small (6mm), in large, dense, red clusters.