Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' at Cathays Cemetery

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' 0

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri'
late January 2021

Grid reference ST 18179 78509
Common name Turner's oak
Common name Oak 'Pseudoturneri'
Alternative name Quercus x pseudoturneri
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous No
Map section M
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 9M January 2021
Girth 139cm @ 0.25M January 2021
Reference 628

This tree is south of the chapels, beside the Fairoak Road boundary.

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' bark

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' bark
late January 2021

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' foliage

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' leaves
late January 2021

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' leaf1

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' leaves
late January 2021

General tree description

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' is a semi evergreen hybrid of Q. ilex (Holm oak) and Q. robur (English oak). It is a medium to large tree, up to 25 metres tall, with a compact rounded head and twisting branches growing from low level. The bark is dark grey, knobbly and ridged. The leaves are shiny dark green, about 10cm long, oblong-obovate, and with shallow rounded lobes. Some green leaves remain on the tree through winter. The flowers are inconspicuous yellow and green catkins. They are followed by acorns 2cm long and half enclosed in a downy cup.

This tree was first raised in the nursery of Mr Spencer Turner in the late 18th century. The original Q. x turneri 'Spencer Turner' is now almost extinct. It had shorter, broader leaves than 'Pseudoturneri'.

Quercus x turneri 'Pseudoturneri' is not common in Britain and is described in the Tree Register as "very occasional", where occasional means "individuals in many large gardens or towns but more generally absent".