Quercus x schochiana #2 at Cathays Cemetery

Quercus x schochiana 0

Quercus x schochiana
mid February 2021

Grid reference ST 18011 78474
Common name Schoch oak
Origin South East USA
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Map section W
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 9M February 2021
Girth 95cm February 2021
Reference 633

This tree is at a junction on a path heading south between map sections W and S. It has very variable leaves. The unlobed leaves are up to 15cm long and 4cm wide.

Quercus x schochiana bark

Quercus x schochiana bark
late November 2020

Quercus x schochiana leaf1

Quercus x schochiana leaves
late November2020

Quercus x schochiana leaf2

Quercus x schochiana leaves
late November 2020

Quercus x schochiana leaf3

Quercus x schochiana new leaves
mid February 2021

Quercus x schochiana acorn1

Quercus x schochiana acorn
late August 2021

General tree description

Quercus x schochiana is a naturally occuring hybrid of the Pin oak and Willow oak (Q.palustris and Q. phellos). It is a medium sized rounded tree up to around 15 metres tall. The leaves are glossy green, often Willow-like in shape but with variable lobes and sometimes none. They may turn a bright yellow colour in autumn, or in a mild year stay green and remain on the tree into winter.