Quercus x schochiana #1 at Cathays Cemetery

Quercus x schochiana 0

Quercus x schochiana
late November 2020

Quercus x schochiana 1

Quercus x schochiana
mid January 2021

Quercus x schochiana 2

Quercus x schochiana
early July 2021

Grid reference ST 18050 78467
Common name Schoch oak
Origin South East USA
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
TROBI Remarkable Tree
Map section W
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 12M November 2020
Girth 136cm November 2020
Reference 615

This tree is towards the south end of the cemetery, roughly in the centre and 110M from Library Court on Fairoak Road, on a bearing of 310 degrees. It has very variable leaves. The unlobed leaves are up to 15cm long and 4cm wide.

A second tree of this type was planted a few yards to the west (ST 18011 78474), near a path junction. Both trees still retained green leaves in early February 2021.

By the end of August 2021 there were no acorns on the tree.

Quercus x schochiana bark

Quercus x schochiana bark
late November 2020

Quercus x schochiana leaf1

Quercus x schochiana leaves
late November2020

Quercus x schochiana leaf2

Quercus x schochiana leaves
late November 2020

Quercus x schochiana leaf3

Quercus x schochiana Autumn leaves
late November 2020

Quercus x schochiana foliage1

Quercus x schochiana wet leaves
late December 2020

Quercus x schochiana foliage2

Quercus x schochiana new growth
late August 2021

General tree description

Quercus x schochiana is a naturally occuring hybrid of the Pin oak and Willow oak (Q.palustris and Q. phellos). It is a medium sized rounded tree up to around 15 metres tall. The leaves are glossy green, often Willow-like in shape but with variable lobes and sometimes none. They may turn a bright yellow colour in autumn, or in a mild year stay green and remain on the tree into winter.