Quercus frainetto at Cathays Cemetery

Quercus frainetto 0

Quercus frainetto
late April 2021

Grid reference ST 18043 78329
Common name Hungarian oak
Common name Italian oak
Origin South east Europe and Turkey
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2021
Map section Y
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 16M May 2021
Girth 199cm May 2021
Reference 674

This tree is at the south end of the Cemetery.

Quercus frainetto bark

Quercus frainetto bark & emerging leaves
mid April 2021

Quercus frainetto leaf1

Quercus frainetto leaves
late May 2021

General tree description

Quercus frainetto is a large tree - it can be over 30 metres tall - with a broad crown and fissured, pale/purplish grey bark. It has large obovate leaves, up to 25 cm long, and divided into 6 to 10 very deep parallel lobes which may be divided into sublobes. The leaves are widest close to the apex. They are initially light yellow green in colour but turn turn rich dark green by the beginning of summer. The upper surface has a rough texture and the underside is grey-green and downy. The acorns are egg shaped, 15–35 mm long, and in a cup covered with russet hairs.

This tree is not common and is described in the Tree Register Handbook (2011) as "rather occasional", where occasional is defined as "individuals in many large gardens or towns but more generally absent".