Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' at Cathays Cemetery

Grid reference ST 17986 78349
Common name Scarlet oak 'Splendens'
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Map section S
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 11.5M February 2021
Girth 116cm @ 0.5M March 2021
Reference 636

This tree is 88M from the gates to Fairoak Road, near the library.

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' bark

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' bark
early February 2021

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' bud

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' buds
early February 2021

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' catkin1

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' catkins & new leaves
late April 2021

General tree description

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' is a variant of the Scarlet oak, Quercus coccinea. This is a large tree (up to 25 metres tall) and is noted for its autumn colour. Its leaves are up to 13cm long, and deeply lobed with sharp bristle-like tips. The leaves are glossy dark green during summer, turning scarlet in autumn, and in some cases lasting into winter. The acorns are 2 to 3cm long and are half enclosed in a deep cup. They mature over two years.

Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' was selected for vigour and autumn colour, and it is also distinguished from the species by its larger leaves (up to 18cm long).