Prunus sargentii at Cathays Cemetery

Prunus sargentii 0

Prunus sargentii
mid April 2021

Prunus sargentii 1

Prunus sargentii
mid May 2021

Prunus sargentii 2

Prunus sargentii
mid October 2021

Grid reference ST 18121 78453
Common name Sargent's cherry
Alternative name Prunus serrulata var. sachalinensis
Origin Japan and Korea
Deciduous Yes
Map section U
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 6M May 2021
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 711

This tree is towards the south end, near the Fairoak Road boundary.

Flowers are 4cm across with 5 petals and stalks typically 27mm in length. Flower petals had fallen by mid April

Prunus sargentii bark

Prunus sargentii bark
mid April 2021

Prunus sargentii flower1

Prunus sargentii flowers
mid April 2021

Prunus sargentii flower2

Prunus sargentii flower
mid April 2021

Prunus sargentii leaf1

Prunus sargentii new leaves
mid April 2021

Prunus sargentii leaf2

Prunus sargentii leaves
mid May 2021

Prunus sargentii fruit1

Prunus sargentii new fruit
mid May 2021

General tree description

Prunus sargentii is a medium sized tree, up to around 15 metres tall in Britain, with a rounded shape that may become wide-spreading with age. Its bark is dark purple-brown and it has large (4cm across) rose-pink flowers that open in late March or early April among the young leaves. The leaves are broadly oblong, up to 14 by 8cm, and toothed. They emerge bronze-red, turn glossy green, and finally in autumn display vivid shades of orange and crimson. Prunus sargentii is one of the first trees to colour in autumn and may also produce glossy 1cm fruits that ripen to purple-black.