Prunus cerasifera #2 at Cathays Cemetery

Prunus cerasifera 0

Prunus cerasifera
late February 2021

Prunus cerasifera 1

Prunus cerasifera
mid May 2021

Prunus cerasifera 2

Prunus cerasifera
mid November 2021

Grid reference ST 18075 78464
Common name Plum cherry
Common name Myrobalan plum
Alternative name Prunus domestica var. myrobalan
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Map section V
Height 6.5M February 2021
Girth Multi-stem
Reference 643

This tree is at a path junction 215 metres south of the chapels. It is one of two Prunus cerasifera approximately eight metres apart.

In late February 2021 the diameter of typical flowers was 2cm. In mid to late June 2021 the fruits remained green. They were typically 18mm in diameter and 23mm long, and showed the beginning of a seam towards the top.

Prunus cerasifera bark

Prunus cerasifera bark
late February 2021

Prunus cerasifera buds

Prunus cerasifera flowers & buds
late February 2021

Prunus cerasifera flower1

Prunus cerasifera flowers
late February 2021

Prunus cerasifera flower2

Prunus cerasifera flowers
late February 2021

Prunus cerasifera flower3

Prunus cerasifera new growth
late February 2021

Prunus cerasifera fruit1

Prunus cerasifera fruit & leaves
late April 2021

Prunus cerasifera fruit2

Prunus cerasifera fruit
mid June 2021

Prunus cerasifera fruit3

Prunus cerasifera larger more yellow fruit
early July 2021

General tree description

Prunus cerasifera is thought to originate as a garden selection from Prunus divaricata, a wild species from the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia. P. cerasifera has long been naturalised in Britain. It is a small, round-headed tree, up to about 15M tall, with dark grey bark that becomes fissured with age. The leaves are a fresh green, ovate, roughly 3.5 to 6.5cm long and with serrated edges. Abundant white flowers, up to 2.5cm across, appear in early spring with the emerging leaves. The fruits are round 4cm red/gold plums that ripen in late summer.