Pinus nigra austriaca #2 at Cathays Cemetery

Pinus nigra austriaca 0

Pinus nigra austriaca
mid December 2020

Grid reference ST 18093 78674
Common name Austrian pine
Alternative name Pinus nigra subsp. nigra
Origin South Austria, Central Italy and Balkans
Deciduous No
Status Glamorgan Champion 2020
Map section P
Height 21M December 2020
Girth 410cm December 2020
Reference 623

This tree is north west of the chapels beside the westerly curving path.

Pinus nigra austriaca bark

Pinus nigra austriaca bark
mid December 2020

Pinus nigra austriaca cone1

Pinus nigra austriaca cones
mid December 2020

Pinus nigra austriaca foliage1

Pinus nigra austriaca foliage
mid December 2020

General tree description

Pinus nigra austriaca can grow to 30 metres in height, with a wide spreading top and often a branchy, almost multi-stemmed form. Its bark is grey and fissured, with silvery plates. The leaves are stiff, straight needles arranged in pairs, about 12 cm long and with a dense appearance. The cones are woody, with ridged scale tips and 5-9cm in length.