Malus hupehensis #1 at Cathays Cemetery

Malus hupehensis 0

Malus hupehensis
mid May 2021

Grid reference ST 18070 78500
Common name Hupeh crab
Origin China
Deciduous Yes
Map section T
Height 11M August 2021
Girth 197cm August 2021
Reference 744

This tree is towards the south end of section T, roughly central.

Malus hupehensis bark

Malus hupehensis bark
mid May 2021

Malus hupehensis foliage1

Malus hupehensis buds & flowers
mid May 2021

Malus hupehensis flower1

Malus hupehensis flowers
mid May 2021

Malus hupehensis flower2

Malus hupehensis flower
mid May 2021

Malus hupehensis leaf1

Malus hupehensis leaves
mid May 2021

Malus hupehensis fruit1

Malus hupehensis fruit
mid August 2021

General tree description

Malus hupehensis can grow to as much as 12 metres, unusually tall for a crab apple tree, and has widely spreading branches. Its leaves are 5 to 10 cm long, dark green, oval and pointed. White-pink flowers in clusters open in April from pink buds. The fruits are decorative, cherry-like, ripening to red in September