Laburnum anagyroides at Cathays Cemetery

Laburnum anagyroides 0

Laburnum anagyroides
late May 2021

Laburnum anagyroides 1

Laburnum anagyroides
early June 2021

Grid reference ST 18054 78488
Common name Common Laburnum
Origin Europe
Deciduous Yes
Map section W
Height 7M May 2021
Girth 82cm @ 0.8M
Reference 673

This tree is at the north end of section W.

Laburnum anagyroides bark

Laburnum anagyroides bark
late April 2021

Laburnum anagyroides bud1

Laburnum anagyroides flower buds
mid April 2021

Laburnum anagyroides leaf1

Laburnum anagyroides leaves
late April 2021

Laburnum anagyroides bud2

Laburnum anagyroides flower buds & leaves
late April 2021

Laburnum anagyroides flower1

Laburnum anagyroides in flower
mid May 2021

Laburnum anagyroides seed1

Laburnum anagyroides seed pods
early June 2021

Laburnum anagyroides seed2

Laburnum anagyroides seed pods
early July 2021

Laburnum anagyroides seed3

Laburnum anagyroides seed pods
early July 2021

General tree description

Laburnum anagyroides is a small tree up to 10 metres tall with an irregular, spreading or weeping shape. Its bark is smooth, dark green, later pale brown and eventually fissured or flaky. The leaves are dark green and comprise three oval-shaped 6cm leaflets, smooth on the upperside and finely hairy beneath. Flowering is in late May or early June. The flowers are bright yellow, hanging in strings 15 to 25cm long. They are followed by bunches of twisted, hairy seed pods that mature to dark brown. All parts of the tree are highly toxic.