Crataegus mollis #2 at Cathays Cemetery

Crataegus mollis 0

Crataegus mollis Unfortunately smotherd by brambles etc.
late March 2021

Grid reference ST 18041 78369
Common name Red haw
Common name Downy hawthorn
Alternative name Crataegus coccinea var. mollis
Origin Central North America
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Map section Y
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 7M April 2021
Girth Inaccessible
Reference 662

At the south end, the more northerly of the two Crataegus mollis trees roughly in the centre of map section Y.

This tree's foliage seems to be of two different kinds and the reason is unclear. This also applies to the other C. mollis nearby. Both trees were purchased from the same supplier. They were probably grown via grafting and it is quite possible that Crataegus monogyna root stock was used. In support of this, one set of leaves and flower buds bear a good resemblance to C. monogyna. The first leaves to appear in 2021 were those resembling C. monogyna. They were followed by the C. mollis flowers and leaves while the C.monogyna flowers were still in bud.

Crataegus mollis foliage1

Crataegus mollis new foliage
early April 2021

Crataegus mollis flower1

Crataegus mollis buds & flower
late April 2021

Crataegus mollis flower2

Crataegus mollis flower
late April 2021

Crataegus mollis flower3

Crataegus mollis flowers & leaves
late April 2021

Crataegus mollis flower4

Crataegus mollis flower
late April 2021