Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group at Cathays Cemetery

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group 0

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group
late November 2020

Grid reference ST 18044 78486
Common name Chinese catalpa
Common name Chinese bean tree
Alternative name Catalpa fargesii f. duclouxii
Origin China
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2020
Map section W
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 8.5M November 2020
Girth 89.5cm November 2020
Reference 618

This tree is towards the centre of the southern section of the cemetery, roughly 110M from Library Court on Fairoak Road, on a bearing of 305 degrees.

The length of 10 typical fruits (beans) was 56, 65, 57, 64, 67, 53, 53, 68, 65 and 65cms

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group bark

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group bark
mid May 2021

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group leaf

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group leaf
late November 2020

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group fruit1

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group fruits
late November 2020

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group leaf1

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group leaf
mid May 2021

General tree description for Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group

Catalpa bungei Duclouxii Group differs from Catalpa bungei Fargesii Group in its hairless and slightly lobed leaves.

General tree description for Catalpa bungei Fargesii Group

Catalpa bungei Fargesii Group is an upright, medium sized tree, up to around 20 metres tall. It has grey-brown bark with shallow ridges. The leaves are about 12 by 10cm, broadly ovate, slightly heart-shaped at the base and pointed at the tip. They are tinged bronze in spring, becoming mid-green, shiny above and white and downy beneath. In late spring or early summer there are spectacular bell-shaped flowers in dense clusters of up to fifteen individual flowers. Each flower is about 4cm long and almost as wide, pale pink, with red-brown spots and yellow staining at the throat. The flowers are followed in late summer by slender bean-like seed capsules up to 45cm long.