Calocedrus decurrens at Cathays Cemetery

Calocedrus decurrens 0

Calocedrus decurrens
early February 2021

Grid reference ST 17976 78384
Common name Incense cedar
Origin West North America
Deciduous No
Map section S
Height 17M February 2021
Girth 181cm February 2021
Reference 635

This tree is almost at the furthest extent of the main southerly path from the chapels. It is approximately 60M to the junction of Whitchurch Road and Gelligaer Street.

Calocedrus decurrens bark

Calocedrus decurrens bark
early February 2021

Calocedrus decurrens foliage1

Calocedrus decurrens foliage
early February 2021

Calocedrus decurrens foliage2

Calocedrus decurrens foliage
early February 2021

General tree description

Calocedrus decurrens is a large tree with conical head and a dense, columnar shape. Its bark is red-brown, becoming greyish and fissured, with long, curling strips on the lower trunk. The leaves are dark green, in dense, rising, fan-like sprays. When crushed the foliage gives off an aroma similar to shoe-polish. The cones are ovoid, pendent and up to 2.5cm long. They are pale green to yellow, turning orange to yellow-brown when mature about eight months after pollination.