Betula papyrifera at Cathays Cemetery

Betula papyrifera 0

Betula papyrifera
mid March 2021

Grid reference ST 18056 78355
Common name Paper-bark birch
Common name Paper birch
Common name Canoe birch
Origin North America
Deciduous Yes
Map section Y
Height 12M April 2021
Girth 104cm March 2021
Reference 648

In the southern section roughly level with Robert Street.

Betula papyrifera bark

Betula papyrifera bark
mid March 2021

Betula papyrifera bark2

Betula papyrifera bark
mid March 2021

Betula papyrifera catkin1

Betula papyrifera winter male catkins
mid March 2021

Betula papyrifera catkin2

Betula papyrifera winter male catins
mid March 2021

General tree description

Betula papyrifera is a medium-sized tree, up to around 20 metres tall, with a conical outline and rising, spreading branches. Its bark is smooth and can vary in colour, but is typically white, peeling horizontally to reveal shades of cream, pink and pale orange. The leaves are dull dark green, oval to triangular in shape, variable in size - 5 to 10cm long and about 2/3 as broad - with serrated margins. They turn yellow in autumn. There are flowers from spring to early summer. Female flowers are greenish and about 4cm long, appearing at the tips of the twigs. The male flowers are brownish catkins up to 10cm long.