Acer campestre at Cathays Cemetery

Acer campestre 0

Acer campestre
late October 2020

Acer campestre 1

Acer campestre
late April 2021

Grid reference ST 18121 78434
Common name Field maple
Common name Hedge maple
Origin Europe and West Asia
Deciduous Yes
Map section U
Height 12M October 2020
Girth 171cm October 2020
Reference 614

This tree is beside the footpath along the Fairoak Road boundary. It is more or less at the border of map sections U and V.

Acer campestre bark

Acer campestre bark
late April 2021

Acer campestre leaf1

Acer campestre leaves
late October 2020

Acer campestre seed

Acer campestre wide-winged keys
late October 2020

Acer campestre flower1

Acer campestre flower & seeds
mid May 2021

General tree description

Acer campestre is a medium sized tree, usually less than 18 metres in height with a densely twiggy, irregular shape. Its bark is pale brown, becoming darker and finely cracked with age. The leaves are small, up to 10cm wide, and very dark and shiny. They have five or three lobes with a small number of big rounded teeth. As the leaves emerge, flowers appear in yellow-green clusters, initially erect but drooping as they develop into bunches of wide-winged keys. The autumn foliage is yellow and red, as the leaves turn a rich yellow and the winged seeds turn crimson.