Abies procera at Cathays Cemetery

Abies procera 0

Abies procera
late July 2021

Grid reference ST 18359 78836
Common name Noble fir
Origin West USA
Deciduous No
Map section L
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 9M July 2021
Girth Inaccessible
Reference 733

This tree is north east of the chapels near the railway line.

Unfortunately it has been invaded by an ash tree and brambles which are severely affecting its growth.

Abies procera flower1

Abies procera male flowers
mid May 2021

Abies procera flower2

Abies procera male flowers
mid May 2021

Abies procera cone1

Abies procera new cone
mid June 2021

Abies procera cone2

Abies procera cones
late July 2021

Abies procera catkin1

Abies procera spent male flowers
late July 2021

Abies procera cone3

Abies procera cones on a sagging branch
late July 2021

Abies procera cone4

Abies procera cones
early August 2021

Abies procera cone5

Abies procera cones
mid September 2021

Abies procera cone6

Abies procera cone breaking up
mid September 2021

Abies procera cone7

Abies procera the remains of spent cones
mid September 2021

General tree description

Abies procera is a very large tree, up to 50 metres in height and with a narrow conic shape. Its bark is smooth and silvery or purplish grey, but may become rough and fissured on old trees. Branches tend to diverge from the trunk at right angles. The leaves are needles 2.5 to 3.5cm long, the tips blunt or notched, bluish green above and with two narrow glaucous bands beneath. They are arranged spirally on the shoot, but twisted slightly S-shaped to be upcurved above the shoot. Male flowers are globular and cluster along the underside of the shoots. They are bright crimson before shedding pollen. Female flowers are upright miniature cones and they develop into very large cylindrical cones, 16 to 25cm long, purple-brown, ripening to golden-brown.