Abies nordmanniana #2 at Cathays Cemetery

Abies nordmanniana 0

Abies nordmanniana with cones
early August 2021

Grid reference ST17994 78855
Common name Caucasian fir
Common name Nordmann fir
Origin West Caucasus, North Turkey
Deciduous No
Map section C
Height 13M August 2021
Girth Inaccessible
Reference 738

This tree is in the north west part of the cemetery, not far from the site of the Catholic Chapel. Its leaves typically measured 2 to 3cm. They are blunt-tipped, arranged horizontally on the shoots.

In August 2021, the cones were between 17cm and 19cm long and approximately 3.5cm in diameter.

There appears to be a second Abies alba about 15M to the south west.

Abies nordmanniana foliage1

Abies nordmanniana foliage
early August 2021

Abies nordmanniana cone1

Abies nordmanniana cones
early August 2021

Abies nordmanniana cone2

Abies nordmanniana cones with protruding bracts
early August 2021

Abies nordmanniana strobili1

Abies nordmanniana strobili
early August 2021

General tree description

Abies nordmanniana is a large to very large tree, 50 to 60 metres in height in its natural habitat. It has a straight trunk with tiered branches that sweep downwards, giving a narrow, conical shape. The bark is grey, becoming square-plated when mature and the foliage is very dense. The flattened, needle-like leaves are 2 to 3cm long, with blunted tips, densely arranged and mostly on the upper side of the shoot. They are glossy green above, with two white bands beneath. The cones are greenish brown, 15 to 20cm long and often at the top of the tree.