Abies nordmanniana at Cathays Cemetery

Abies nordmanniana 0

Abies nordmanniana
late September 2020

Grid reference ST 18365 78840
Common name Caucasian fir
Common name Nordmann fir
Origin West Caucasus, North Turkey
Deciduous No
Map section L
Planted by Malcolm Frazer c.1995
Height 13M May 2021
Girth 152cm @ 1.4M October 2020
Reference 606

This tree is north east of the chapels near the railway line.

The green pads which attach the needles to the shoot suggest that this tree belongs to the Abies genus. The needles typically measure between 25 and 40mm long, 2mm wide, and they have two very distinctive white stomata bands on the underside.

Abies nordmanniana bark

Abies nordmanniana bark
early October 2020

Abies nordmanniana foliage1

Abies nordmanniana foliage
late September 2020

Abies nordmanniana needles

Abies nordmanniana needles
late September 2020

General tree description

Abies nordmanniana is a large to very large tree, 50 to 60 metres in height in its natural habitat. It has a straight trunk with tiered branches that sweep downwards, giving a narrow, conical shape. The bark is grey, becoming square-plated when mature and the foliage is very dense. The flattened, needle-like leaves are 2 to 3cm long, with blunted tips, densely arranged and mostly on the upper side of the shoot. They are glossy green above, with two white bands beneath. The cones are greenish brown, 15 to 20cm long and often at the top of the tree.