Sorbus alnifolia at Bute Park

Sorbus alnifolia 0

Sorbus alnifolia
late December 2015

Sorbus alnifolia 1

Sorbus alnifolia
mid May 2016

Sorbus alnifolia 2

Sorbus alnifolia
early October 2017

Grid reference ST 17678 77260
Common name Alder-leaved whitebeam
Common name Korean mountain ash
Origin East Asia
Deciduous Yes
Status Glamorgan Champion 2015
Tag 2625
Old tag 267
Planted 1990
Height 9M January 2016
Girth 87cm @ 0.7M December 2015
Reference 385

This tree is approximately in the centre of the Sorbus group.

Sorbus alnifolia bark

Sorbus alnifolia bark and fallen fruit
December 2015

Sorbus alnifolia bud

Sorbus alnifolia bud
mid March 2017

Sorbus alnifolia leaf

Sorbus alnifolia leaves
mid May 2016

Sorbus alnifolia flower

Sorbus alnifolia flowers
mid May 2016

Sorbus alnifolia fruit3

Sorbus alnifolia fruit
early August 2016

Sorbus alnifolia fruit4

Sorbus alnifolia fruit
mid September 2017

Sorbus alnifolia foliage

Sorbus alnifolia autumn leaves & fruit
early October 2017

General tree description

Sorbus alnifolia is a small to medium-sized tree, up to around 17 metres tall, with upright branches and a rounded top. It has smooth, grey bark. The leaves are dark green, small - 4 to 6 cm long - ovate to elliptic and double toothed. In autumn they turn bright orange or red. The flowers, appearing in late spring, are 1 cm across and pure white. The fruits are 1 cm round berries, ripening to bright red in late September or October.