Quercus durifolia at Bute Park

Quercus durifolia 0

Quercus durifolia
early December 2015

Quercus durifolia 1

Quercus durifolia
late August 2016

Grid reference ST 17504 77319
Common name Durango Emory oak
Origin Mexico
Deciduous Semi-evergreen
Status GB Champion 2013
Missing tag 2987
Old tag 318
Planted 1990/91
Height 12M January 2016
Girth 63cm December 2015
Reference 369

This tree is on the Maple Lawn, towards the centre.

Quercus durifolia bark

Quercus durifolia bark
December 2015

Quercus durifolia leaf

Quercus durifolia leaves
early December 2015

General tree description

Quercus durifolia is a small tree, normally up to around 9 metres tall. It has grey-green, lanceolate leaves that are white and woolly underneath and 3 to 6cm long. The acorns are 1cm long, half enclosed in a cup covered with light grey hairs.