Pyrus nivalis at Bute Park

Pyrus nivalis 0

Pyrus nivalis
late November 2015

Pyrus nivalis 1

Pyrus nivalis
late April 2015

Grid reference ST 17679 77243
Common name Snow pear
Origin Southern Europe
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2013
Tag 2618
Height 12m November 2015
Girth 174cm November 2015
Reference 354

This tree is in the Sorbus group, approximately 55M north west of the bridge at the College of Music and Drama entrance to the park.

Pyrus nivalis bark

Pyrus nivalis bark
November 2015

Pyrus nivalis flower

Pyrus nivalis flowers
mid April 2016

Pyrus nivalis leaf

Pyrus nivalis leaves
late April 2016

Pyrus nivalis flower2

Pyrus nivalis flowers
late April 2016

Pyrus nivalis fruit1

Pyrus nivalis fruit
early September 2016

General tree description

Pyrus nivalis is a small to medium-sized tree, 10 to 16 metres tall, with a rounded upright shape, ascending branches and dense twigs. Its bark is dark grey-brown and square-cracked. In spring it has striking silvery foliage as there are dense white flowers among the new leaves that emerge white and woolly. The leaves are oval or obovate, 8 by 4cm, and untoothed. They become grey-green in summer, and then in autumn wine-red with pink undersides. The fruits are yellow-green and round, approximately 4cm across.