Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' at Bute Park

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' 0

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura'
late March 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' 1

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura'
early April 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' 2

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura'
early October 2017

Grid reference ST 17698 77121
Common name Cherry 'Yedo Zakura'
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2017
Missing tag 2535
Height 7M March 2017
Girth 102cm March 2017
Reference 498

This tree is approximately in the middle of the Cherry group.

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' bark

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' bark
March 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' flower1

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' flowering branch
early April 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' flower2

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' cluster of flowers
early April 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' flower3

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' flowers
early April 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' leaf

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' leaves
early May 2017

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' fruit

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' fruit
early May 2017

General tree description

Prunus 'Yedo Zakura' is a small upright tree. It has broadly oblong leaves with serrated edges, coppery-brown when unfolding, maturing to green. Flowering takes place before the leaves emerge, usually in the first half of April. The flowers are semi-double, pink or white, opening from deep red buds.