Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' at Bute Park

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' 0

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura'
late December 2017

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' 1

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura'
early April 2018

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' 2

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura'
mid June 2018

Grid reference ST 17671 77077
Common name Cherry 'Fudan-zakura'
Alternative name P. serrulata f. semperflorens
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2018
Tag 2527
Height 5.5M January 2018
Girth 114cm @ 0.1M January 2018
Reference 542

This tree is on the south edge of the Sunken Lawn. In January 2018, typical flowers measured 2.5 cms across.

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' bark

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' bark
late December 2017

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' bud

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' buds
late December 2017

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' flower2

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' flowers
late December 2017

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' flower

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' flower
late December 2017

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' flower3

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' flowers with new leaves
early April 2018

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' fruit1

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' leaf with new fruit
late May 2018

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' leaf

Prunus 'Fudan-zakura' leaves
late May 2018

General tree description

Prunus 'Fudan Zakura' is a small, spreading tree with grey bark, large, ovate leaves and large (4cm across), white, single, cup-shaped flowers. The leaves open coppery-red, are green through the summer and turn yellow-orange in autumn. The flowers open in early spring before the leaves, and the pink flower buds may appear in mild weather during late autumn and winter.