Malus 'Cheltenham' at Bute Park

Malus 'Cheltenham' 0

Malus 'Cheltenham'
late November 2015

Malus 'Cheltenham' 1

Malus 'Cheltenham'
late April 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' 2

Malus 'Cheltenham'
early May 2016

Grid reference ST 17763 77021
Common name Cheltenham crab
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2015
Tag 2371
Planted Possibly 1960s
Height 7.5M November 2015
Height 7.5M August 2017
Girth 87cm November 2015
Girth 89cm August 2017
Reference 353

The origin of Malus 'Cheltenham' is unknown and no reference books appear to mention it. It is so called because its name appeared on original planting records in the form of a 1950s hand-drawn map. This tree is approximately 75M south of the Fishers Bridge and west of the main path.

The only other known tree of this kind is Malus 'Cheltenham' at Dyffryn Gardens. In early September 2016 the diameter of the fruit was typically 25mm. The fruits had a bitter taste.


Malus 'Cheltenham' bark

Malus 'Cheltenham' bark
March 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' leaf4

Malus 'Cheltenham' leaves
mid April 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' bud

Malus 'Cheltenham' leaves & buds
late April 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' flower

Malus 'Cheltenham' leaves & flowers
early May 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' flower2

Malus 'Cheltenham' flowers
early May 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' fruit1

Malus 'Cheltenham' fruit
early July 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' fruit2

Malus 'Cheltenham' fruit
early August 2016

Malus 'Cheltenham' fruit3

Malus 'Cheltenham' fruit
early September 2016

General tree description

No general information has been found for Malus 'Cheltenham'. It occurs in planting records for Bute Park and Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan, both trees believed to have been planted in the 1960s, but no other examples of this cultivar are known to exist. At Bute Park the name appears on original maps of the arboretum made by William Nelmes Senior.