Juglans cinerea at Bute Park

Juglans cinerea 0

Juglans cinerea
mid November 2015

Juglans cinerea 1

Juglans cinerea
early February 2016

Juglans cinerea 2

Juglans cinerea
early August 2016

Grid reference ST 17803 76777
Common name Butternut
Common name White walnut
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Status Wales Champiuon 2013
Tag 2009
Height 11M November 2015
Girth 320cm @ 1M November 2015
Reference 346

This tree is on the west side of Coopers Field, north east of Blackfriars, within a fenced enclosure.

Juglans cinerea bark

Juglans cinerea bark
November 2015

Juglans cinerea leaf

Juglans cinerea autumn leaves
mid November 2015

Juglans cinerea leaf2

Juglans cinerea catkins & leaves
early May 2016

Juglans cinerea fruit

Juglans cinerea fruit
mid July 2016

General tree description

Juglans cinera is a medium sized tree, up to 24 metres tall, with grey fissured bark. The leaves are bright green, hairy and very large, up to 70cm long, with eleven to nineteen oblong-lanceolate leaflets, each 6 to 12cm long. The fruits are also very large - nuts contained in 6cm green husks, seldom ripening in Britain.