Ilex perado at Bute Park

Ilex perado 0

Ilex perado
January 2016

Grid reference ST 17446 77802
Common name Madeira holly
Origin Madeira
Deciduous No
Tag 3890
Height 15M January 2016
Girth 212cm January 2016
Reference 399

This tree is on the east edge of the Blackweir playing fields, north of the changing rooms and close to the bank of the canal.

Ilex perado bark

Ilex perado bark
January 2016

Ilex perado bark2

Ilex perado bark
January 2016

Ilex perado leaf

Ilex perado leaves
late January 2016

General tree description

Ilex perado is a small to medium sized tree and differs from the native holly in its winged leaf stalks and flatter leaves. These are deep green and glossy, with few or no spines, and variable shape - oval, obovate or rounded, 5 to 10cm long.