Crataegus spp #1 at Bute Park

Crataegus spp 0

Crataegus spp
late May 2016

Crataegus spp 1

Crataegus spp
early October 2016

Grid reference ST 17609 77366
Common name Thorn
Deciduous Yes
Not tagged  
Plaque Donated by David Morgan Ltd
Planted 1989
Height 3M May 2016
Reference 443

This tree is in the centre of the Hawthorn group but close to the foot path. Thorns were sparse and about 1.5cm long.

The following table gives the approximate physical measurements of examined haws together with the number of pips found within them.

Diameter mm Length mm No. of pips
7.5 9.0 2
7.5 9.0 2
6.6 8.0 2
6.5 8.2 2
7.0 8.5 2
6.5 8.5 2
7.5 9 2

Measurements were taken in late October 2020. Length measurement was for main body of the fruit and did not include the peduncle.

Crataegus spp leaf

Crataegus spp leaves
late May 2016

Crataegus spp flower

Crataegus spp flowers
late May 2016

Crataegus spp twig

Crataegus spp red twigs
early June 2016

Crataegus spp fruit1

Crataegus spp fruit
late August 2016

Crataegus spp fruit2

Crataegus spp fruit
early September 2016

Crataegus spp fruit3

Crataegus spp fruit
early October 2016

General tree description

Exact species not yet determined.